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I am Anand Agrawal. I was lacking fluency and was not able to get job in my desired industry. Then I get to know about ConqCorp. So I took admission in it. After regular mock session and with regular interview preparation I cracked the interview of J.W.Mariott Pune in one go. With the teachers working hard with me and my dedicaion of getting my desired job helped me in achieving my dream job. All thanks to the faculties of ConqCorp
-Anand Agrawal

I am Himadri. I was a big time introvert. Speaking with other people was like a big time problem for me.
But after joining ConqCorp and taking session from the available faculties my problem was solved. I gradually started talking to other candidates in the training room. So it was a big time achievement for me that I changed myself from an introvert to an extrovert person. All thanks to team ConqCorp.


I am Kalpana. After completing my course here I have got a grip over the language English. I have started speaking fluently in English through practice and what I have learned over here. It was a pleasure joining and learning with ConqCorp.


I am Debtabrata. I did not have any idea about english grammar and was lacking vocabulary. But soon I joined ConqCorp. With gradual timing I learnt everything in English like Grammar, Vocabulary and speaking in English. This is because of the environment and the faculties over here. They really groomed my English in such a way that I have never thought of. Now I can speak anything and everything in English fluently wihtout any hesitation.Faculties have really boosted my confidence to next level. I am happy to join ConqCorp.



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