Group Discussion at ConqCorp :-

A group of participants will be given a topic or subject for a limited time and then are judged accordingly. It’s actually a way of putting your views in front of other.

Benefits of Group Discussion :

Break complex tasks into parts and steps

Plan and manage time

Refine understanding through discussion and explanation

Give and receive feedback on performance

Challenge assumptions

Develop stronger communication skills.

Public Speaking at ConqCorp :-

It is actually a process of putting your view on a certain topic in front of the audience. But be prepared to face question from the audience.


Overcome fear

Improve communication skills

Creates social connection

Enhances your organization skills as a speaker

Helps you in your career growth

Extempore by ConqCorp :-

A certain topic will be given to you on which you have to put your views with little or no preparation within a given span of time.

Benefits :

Improves your oral communication skills

Improves you to communicate with the panel

Improves your interaction power both verbal and non-verbal

It prepare you o think on the go

It helps you in analyzing the topic and also in identifying the issues to be discussed

Debate by ConqCorp :-

A group of participants will be divided into two. One of which will say “for” the topic and other group will be “against” the topic and they will be judged accordingly.


Debate helps you practice and demonstrate your critical thinking skills

It can help you learn to discuss complicated topics calmly, clearly and competently

It helps you to cultivate your persuasion skills

It do helps you in sharpening your communication skills

Debate team offer a sense of brotherhood, demonstrating the importance of team work