The meaning

In simple terms, it means knowledge of words in a particular language.


Vocabulary helps in expressing oneself very well and aids in clear communication too.

It improves your IQ (intelligence quotient) to a large extent.

You get understood very well by others.

You will love the learning experience and sharing it with others too.

Your written abilities will be excellent.

It increases your value as a knowledgeable person.

You might end up learning and developing a new skill like poetry.

It becomes a constant companion for confidence forever.


Words that we use during shopping.

Shoplift – steeling things from the shop

Freebie – Something that is given you with the item you are baying

Shopaholic – person who is fond of shopping

Haggle – to bargain

Jaw-dropping price – to feel surprise to see the price of the product


Go-getter – someone who has a lot of energy and confidence and wants to succeed

Savoir-faire – the ability to behave in a correct and confident way in different situation

Kick the habit – leave bad habit

Johnny on the spot – a person who is on hand and ready to perform a service or respond to an emergency

Plastic smile – fake smile